RIPHIL Kids Club

The RIPHIL Kids Club gives elementary school children the opportunity to experience the excitement of music and the orchestra through engaging and inspiring activities, concerts and community service programs!

Membership Includes

  • Ticket discount for the whole family to entire Amica Rush Hour Series
  • Special seating with other Kids Club members
  • RIPHIL Kids Club badge allowing exclusive access to programs and concerts
  • Post-concert activities with guest artists, orchestra musicians and conductors
  • Backstage tour and other behind the scenes experiences

Membership Prices

Family of Two $69
Family of Four $109
Additional Child $30
Additional Parent $40

Siblings who are not in elementary school are still eligible for discounts. Ticket price is introductory rate and includes all facility fees.


Amica Rush Hour performances occur Fridays at 6:30pm and are 75 minutes long, intermission free, relaxed and fun. Each performance includes an interactive Q&A with the conductor after the concert.

September 16 Beethoven's Emperor Click on Larry! Program Notes
October 14 Mozart's Requiem Click on Larry! Program Notes
February 17 Beethoven's Eroica Click on Larry! Program Notes
April 7 Rachmaninoff's First Concerto Click on Larry! Program Notes

More Program Details


Our friends at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids Club and Carnegie Hall have created a variety of exciting games and activities!



Learn and hear more about your favorite composers

Make Your Own Instruments

Create and play your own instruments at home

Flat Beethoven

Connect your child, student, or classroom with the Philharmonic by placing Flat Beethoven in different places and situations. Cut out the image below (drawn by a violinist in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra), and start taking pictures of Flat Beethoven in a new environment.

Bring Flat Beethoven along on your next vacation. Send us pictures of him in the wild at, and we'll feature them here!

We look forward to seeing and hearing where Beethoven goes!

If you'd like a bigger Flat Beethoven, download the PDF!