Financial Aid / Work Study

Please Read Carefully

The paperwork listed below needs to be submitted once annually (annually = prior to Fall through end of summer) by the deadline).

To process your financial aid application we need the following information.

  • Financial Aid Application
  • Registration Form with the following information:
    Instrument or class your child is interested in
    Name of the teacher (if known)
    The day, time and branch location of the lesson (if known)
    Length of lessons (30, 45 or 60 minutes)
    Number of lessons (less than full semester must be approved by teacher) 
  • Most recent Tax Returns (one if parents file jointly, two if filed separately). If you do not have a tax return, please send copies of AFDC, Medicaid, Social Security or current unemployment financial paperwork (not only account numbers).
  • Work-Study Job Preferences (optional). Besides dollar awards, the school has a work-study program that can provide additional funding. Assignments for work-study will be made during the semester depending on available jobs; if you have a specific skill or interest, please let us know.
  • Tuition Deposit. Please submit a $26 deposit with your application. We will apply that toward the annual registration fee.

Awards are based primarily on need, however, academic achievement, family size and institutional needs are also considered. The amount of each award depends on the total funds available for distribution as well as the number of eligible applicants.

We will make awards decisions two weeks before the school year begins. If funds are still available, applications will continue to be accepted. We will notify applicants by mail about the decision and award amount. If you have any questions, please call (401) 248-7001.

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